Concept of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a form of displaying information, advertising or other information on the screen. The display can be LCD, LED, Plasma, screen, ... which is commonly seen in public places, retail doors, buildings, terminals, airports, schools, hospitals, .....

Digital Advertising for Govement

Beyond government agencies, the military, the police or the city council, etc. Digital solutions can be used as a means of communicating with people.

Digital Advertising for hospital

Today, with digital solutions, the monitors have more features than a TV, and moreover it becomes a more effective and effective communication tool for the patient as well. Medical staff at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

Digital Advertising for School


Schools have traditionally been viewed as a place of development and innovation, often acting as a pioneer in testing new technologies.

Digital Signage Server

Digital Signage is a powerful and scalable server for digital advertising.

Digital Content Management and IPTV Solutions

Digital advertising solutions Provide your visitors with the information they need at the time they need it. The easy-to-use Sysmaster solution, which provides live information to guests in the hotel TVs without the complexity often associated with display management solutions.

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