Telemedicine solution

With the development of technology today, organizations and health agencies have added solutions to the care of patients, which is good news not only for patients but also for organizations providing health care
As with the increasing reliability and modernity of videoconferencing equipment, it will reduce costs, increase efficiency in the treatment and organization of health care for patients, along with that. It contributes to addressing a range of challenges in managing and treating patients at current health facilities such as overcrowding at higher level hospitals, training and professional development for physicians Downline, and so on.


The conferencing video conferencing solution allows doctors to experience online meetings and treatment very real, all participants feel like they are in the same room from very distant points. By real-time communication, two-way interaction, this technology is as effective as direct treatment.


With videoconferencing solutions for health care, hospitals and health care organizations address issues such as:

Exchange of expertise and training: Doctors can easily exchange expertise, consultation with colleagues across the country or even to experts worldwide immediately for difficult cases , need emergency treatment. Through solutions video conferencing, professors doctors and medical professionals of leading Central can organize courses internal training, online training remotely to the medical staff throughout the provinces and districts across the country. Cut travel costs, time and effort of experts.


Remote Therapy for Patients in Remote Locations: Doctors, specialists in diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, prenatal and maternal care, etc. can use conferences. Television to reach hundreds of patients from a distance, to meet, to share and guide the treatment of difficult cases for physicians on-site treatment for patients, significantly increase the ability to save lives.


Benefit for patients: More patients can be reached and by reducing the travel time for patients and family members.
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