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WhatsUp Gold lets you search for devices on your network, monitor devices, and perform "actions" based on device state changes, so you can identify network failures before they become available into disaster.
WhatsUp Gold lets you search for devices on your network, monitor devices, and perform "actions" based on device state changes, so you can identify network failures before they become available into disaster.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho whatsup gold
Kết quả hình ảnh cho whatsupgold

Detect and map

WhatsUpGold performs the search for devices on your network and helps determine device types based on device properties.

Once the device is detected, you can add it to the WhatsUpGold database and view the monitoring device in a list of devices or a graphical map.

Check / Listen

WhatsUpGold actively examines the devices to determine their status. Perform performance monitoring of device tracking by monitoring and reporting on device resources, such as CPU, disk, and network interfaces.

Action / Warning

Depending on the answer received from the polling, WhatsUpGold will take action to inform you of the changes on your network. Actions will give notification via message types such as: email and SMS sms to mobile phone, or restart the service.


WhatsUp Gold offers over 100 summary reports, network overview as well as device details.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho whatsupgold

Useful plug-ins included

1.WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor

Analyze and manage your network usage and application traffic and bandwidth with WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor provides a detailed insight into exactly how bandwidth and capacity networks are used and by whom. The Flow Monitor not only highlights the overall usage of the device in a LAN, WAN, or network interface, but it also indicates users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.

Flow Monitor allows you to easily conduct traffic identification and analysis, as well as quality of service (QoS) inspections via ToS, DSCP for LAN / WAN, or new NBAR Tops and CBQoS reports. .

With WhatsUpGold Flow Monitor, you can ensure application performance, monitor network traffic priority policies, and save money by eliminating network bandwidth wastage.

Identifying the correct user, application, or host consumes network bandwidth
Monitor and resolve network congestion
Secure your network
Identify the birth of viruses and worms
Detect DOS attacks and other rogue activities directed at your network
Monitor unauthorized network applications; Easily detect audio sources, video, or file-sharing applications.

2.Flow Publisher (used with Flow Monitor)

Enables network traffic analysis for all devices and each node
Identify users, applications, or traffic sources that consume bandwidth.
No additional hardware upgrades are required
Receive notice in real time when threshold violation parameters

3.WhatsConnected Automatically discover, map, and inventory your network resources and connections With WhatsConnected you can easily discover, map, inventory, entire infrastructure - network devices, servers, deployment software, VMware virtual machines, VLANs, and port-to-port connections. Quickly and efficiently, in moments of importance. Use powerful automatic search capabilities and dynamic mapping capabilities. With just one simple click to export to Microsoft® Visio ™, your entire team will know exactly where your network resources are, where they are, and how they connect, even when your network is up and running. Your extension extends, your office relocates, or the resources in your data center are consolidated. 
4.WhatsConfigured Automate configuration and change management for network devices Automatically access, download, store and search configuration files Schedule and make configuration changes for individuals or groups of network devices Monitor trusted policy enforcement whenever configuration is supported Notification of configuration changes or policy failures and restoration of a well-known configuration upon request Standardize internal processes operate by easily exporting and importing critical network configuration information into the company's current wide repository.

5.WhatsVirtual: Automatically discover and map VMware ESXi servers and bind to client systems Accurate data collection using and consuming resources through the VMware API See the virtual server operating continuously with information from your physical servers Receive notification in real time when used on server systems or violate virtual thresholds Proactively manage virtual machines on demand or on the basis of the intended use of VMware tools Manage your entire data center infrastructure and applications from your PC 
6.VoIP Monitor WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor is designed to extend the power of WhatsUp Gold with the ability to monitor and report on your network capacity to support and maintain the minimum quality at acceptable levels for Voice. Over IP (VoIP). Mean Opinion Score (MOS): Voice quality scoring. ICPIF (Calculated Planning Impairment Factor) Jitter: Inter-packet delay variance Loss of package Latency
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